Mon - Sun 9:00 - 20:00   Hráského 2231/25, 148 00 Praha 11-Jižní Město II


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About us


We are a barber shop based on the concept of a typical Barbershop with regard to modern trends and design. We want you to feel part of our family, which is why we provide you with exceptional individual customer service and the professional approach of our Barber team.


Industrial, but modern decor, which will draw you into the typical atmosphere of an American barber shop and men's club. Professional barbers with many years of experience, comfortable leather armchairs, premium products, aroma of strong espresso and a mixture of quality Whiskey. We can offer you all this during the time, what we care about your appearance.


In order to return the traditional atmosphere of the barber shop we created The Barberhood concept, which combines complete care for your hair and beard with care, thanks to which each of your visits will be an experience and a moment, which you will look forward to. Visit our barbers, who are flawlessly trained and skilled in their craft.